Marijuana Cookie Baking Tips

marijuana cookie baking tips

Marijuana cookie baking tips, where things get a little more advanced. It’s important to add the proper amount of flour so that it works well with your baking soda and power. Also for the color and flavour, you should use both white sugar and brown sugar. If you want to kick it up you can…

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Best Marijuana Brownies Recipes

best marijuana brownies recipes

Best marijuana brownies recipes are also know as pot brownies recipes. Actually, making pot brownies with cannabutter is easier than making any other kind of marijuana edible. Here’s what you need:       Girl Scout Brownies 1 box of brownie mix Eggs/milk/water/etc. as called for on the back of the box Cannabutter made from…

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The Best Marijuana Cookie Recipes

best marijuana cookie recipes

The best marijuana cookie recipes start with quality ingredients and quality cannabis. Cooking with marijuana is a great way to enjoy the effects of your favorite herbs without having to smell like smoke. When you indulge in cannabis cookies, you get to enjoy your marijuana discretely, without letting the whole world know you are partaking.…

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