Cooking with Cannabis

Marijuana Cookie Baking Tips

marijuana cookie baking tips

Marijuana cookie baking tips, where things get a little more advanced. It’s important to add the proper amount of flour so that it works well with your baking soda and power. Also for the color and flavour, you should use both white sugar and brown sugar. If you want to kick it up you can…

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How to Make Cannabutter

how to make cannabutter

How to make cannabutter using the top cannabis strains in the world. Also known as making ghee, or marijuana ghee. Cannabutter is butter that has been infused with cannabis. It is a crucial component in many marijuana cookie and pot brownie recipes. While it is possible to make marijuana cookies without cannabutter, just by adding…

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Cooking with Cannabis How do I get the right dosage


Cooking with cannabis how do I get the right dosage baking marijuana cookies? There are a lot of advantages to cooking with cannabis, as opposed to smoking it. You can munch on weed cookies without anyone knowing what you’re really indulging in. The high can last longer (depending on your own tolerance levels). You’re not…

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Cooking with Pot

cooking with pot

Cooking With Pot Cooking with pot has recently exploded. Smoking might be the most common way of consuming cannabis, at least as far as popular perceptions of the herb go, but eating marijuana is also a great way to get the effects without having to light up. In fact, for a lot of people, it’s…

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